IMDRF 2023

23rd session

27-28 March 2023 | Brussels, Belgium

Ali Al-Dalaan

Executive Vice President for Medical Devices Sector, Saudi Food and Drug Administration

Ali Al-Dalaan is an Executive Vice President for Medical Devices Sector at Saudi FDA and former chair of the Global Harmonization Working Party (GHWP).

Mr Al Dalaan has an extensive experience in management at both the executive level and as an astute medical professional. His background over 20 years in hospital management, regulatory compliance and medical technology enabled him to lead the establishment of Medical Devices Law and its executive regulation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr Al Dalaan also led the global transformation of the Asian Harmonization Working party (AHWP) into the GHWP (Global Harmonization Working Party) without impact to the Regulatory Authorities and Industry Partnership or the GHWP’s current global status.

Mr Al Dalaan holds a Bachelor of Science in biomedical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Leicester, UK.

Mr Al Dalaan has served in many leadership positions including as Director of Biomedical Engineering at Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre and Executive Director for Radiological Health at Saudi FDA. He also participates in many international organizations such as ISO, WHO and IMDRF