IMDRF 2023

23rd session

27-28 March 2023 | Brussels, Belgium

The IMDRF Management Committee (MC) welcomed 350+ professionals to Brussels who participated to the EU chaired sessions as follows:
Day 1: 25 September 2023
Joint IMDRF / Stakeholder (DITTA-GMTA) Workshop

  • Hear about devices intended for specific patient populations
  • Get updates on innovative medical devices and regulatory toolboxes to foster innovation

Day 2: 26 September 2023
IMDRF Stakeholder Forum

  • Hear updates from the IMDRF MC Regulatory Authorities, Official Observers and IMDRF Working Groups
  • Get updates from the eight IMDRF Working Groups on their work
  • Hear from IMDRF stakeholders, Regional Harmonisation Initiatives and other interested regulators active in IMDRF

The IMDRF 2023 Secretariat would like to thank you for your participation and hopes to welcome you in Berlin on 25-26 September.
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