IMDRF 2023

23rd session

27-28 March 2023 | Brussels, Belgium

The IMDRF Management Committee (MC) welcomes you to the EU chaired sessions and encourages you to register to participate in the following activities:
Day 1: 27 March 2023
Joint IMDRF / Stakeholder (DITTA-GMTA) Workshop

  • Join us to hear about the most recent developments in the field at this joint regulator-stakeholders session on post-market related activities
  • Sessions will focus on post-market related issues faced in the medical device field include burning topics like real-world evidence, vigilance and safety notices and post-market considerations for software and artificial intelligence

Day 2: 28 March 2023
IMDRF Stakeholder Forum

  • Join us to hear updates from the IMDRF MC Regulatory Authorities, Official Observers and IMDRF Working Groups
  • Don’t miss the updates from the eight IMDRF Working Groups on their work
  • Hear from IMDRF stakeholders, Regional Harmonisation Initiatives and other interested regulators active in IMDRF