IMDRF 2023

24th session

25-26 September 2023 | Berlin, Germany

Matthias Neumann

Deputy Head Medical Devices Safety Unit, German Federal Ministry of Health

Dr. Matthias Neumann joined the German Federal Ministry of Health in 2002. There he was responsible for all aspects of the national, European and International regulation of Medical Devices.

He is a European and international expert on regulatory science with regard to Medical Devices. His permanent and successful endeavour to continuously improve or even adapt and practically implement regulatory requirements is aimed to achieve a high level of health care and a modern sustainable and competitive medical devices industry.

In the context of the implementation of new regulatory requirements in the EU, he has contributed significantly to several guidance or other implementing measures always focussing on solutions that will work in practice or in real life and which will be in line with legal provisions.

His involvement in several International Working groups (IMDRF MC, UDI, PMD, software, standards) and European MDCG working groups or Task Forces are indicating his broad regulatory science-based knowledge about all regulatory aspect of Medical Devices even when it comes to modern technologies and finding solutions for regulatory challenges connected to those modern technologies (e.g. AI, PMD) .