IMDRF 2023

24th session

25-26 September 2023 | Berlin, Germany

Christophe Carrein

Director Quality & Compliance, Velsera

Christophe is Director of Product Quality & Compliance at Velsera, where he acts as the key link in bringing innovative software and medical regulatory compliance together. He aims to apply first principles thinking to better understand, navigate and innovate the regulatory landscape.

Before joining Velsera, Christophe worked as a regulatory affairs and quality consultant for software used in medical settings (medtech, pharma, healthcare providers, etc.), and acted as the head of RA and QA for an SaMD start-up. He brings years of expertise in ensuring the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance for Medical Device and other Digital Health Software.

Velsera connects healthcare and life sciences to reveal the true promise of precision medicine—a continuous flow of knowledge between researchers, scientists and clinicians around the world, creating insights that radically improve human health. We power this ecosystem of insight with data made actionable by AI and technology solutions that accelerate R&D, democratize omics and provide bedside analytics to improve patient outcomes.